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Cyber Investigations

Cyber InvstigationsSWPAC is a provider of specialised, world renowned, Cyber Investigations Tools and Services to Law Enforcement and Specialised Intelligence Collection agencies both Federal and State.

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Sentinel is a Communications Monitoring and Security software suite tailored for efficient information gathering and analysis. The Sentinel suite consists of the Operator Log, Imitative Communications Deception (ICD) Jammer and Analyst.

ICD Jammer
The Sentinel ICD Jammer allows operators to intelligently sequence previously recorded samples to construct new audio files, which can be retransmitted for jamming. Sequencing of samples is done using a powerful waveform editor which allows the user to select and construct waveforms using a visual as well as an audio interface. Operators can adjust sample levels, and final samples are smoothed as necessary to create realistic audio playback. Once the audio is constructed, units can be tasked to transmit the data.

Operator Log
The Sentinel Operator Log controls receiver devices, records demodulated audio and allows the user to log and perform queries on information. Sentinel allows operators to intercept and analyse communications events by monitoring specific frequencies, stepping through preset frequencies, or sweeping a frequency range to find activity. The Operator Log has a simple and intuitive user interface, simplifying the complexity of controlling any receiver to just a few clicks.

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  • audio buffering allows one-touch recording of suspicious intercepts
  • automatic date-time and frequency stamping of recorded intercepts
  • callsigns, breaches and breach types added quickly and easily
  • looped / variable playback speed for difficult to understand intercepts
  • configurable hotkeys to control all functionality

More information

Download Product Brochure:

pdf SENTINEL 08 Software Suite (pdf approx. 600kB)

pdf EW SENTINEL 07 (Operator Log) (pdf approx. 700kB)

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